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Automate tasks on Windows with conditional IF/ELSE statements and loops
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RoboTask is intended to automate those tasks that need frequent repetition. Programming tasks with the application, although more difficult than performing the actual task, will free you of the need to repeat the same actions.

The program has a rather intuitive interface. It can be set to start along with Windows and hide in the System Tray, from where it can be activated with a click on its icon. Fortunately, the program does not require knowledge of any programming language. However, it does need you to have at least an idea of what object-oriented programming is about, mostly such concepts as event, actions and variables. However, the process becomes easier when you understand that an action refers to what you want the program to do while an event refers to the circumstances that trigger the action. Besides creating a task by defining these two basic concepts, the program also supports macro recording. This is as simple as performing the task once and letting the application record your steps for future use. In addition, expert users who are familiar with Basic programming language can benefit from creating their own personalized scripts. The programmed tasks will be shown in a tree-like structure, from where you can easily find and modify them.

Multiple tasks can be automated with the help of RoboTask. You can use the program to run given applications or open selected documents, to manage automatic backups or to alert you when there is a change in specific folders. Moreover, it can be used to process files and folders, carrying out operations like copying, moving, renaming and deleting. It can also manage such e-mail operations as sending messages and files. Similarly, it can download or upload information to FTP or web servers. However, these are just examples of what this program can do, because the range of possible tasks is definitely much wider.

In general, RoboTask is an excellent application. It can help you save precious time while it guarantees no important task will be forgotten. However, it does require some effort to make it work.

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  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It has proper help documentation
  • It supports a very wide range of tasks.´
  • It allows recording macros
  • It allows creating VB scripts


  • It can be difficult to use by inexpert users
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